Apple is developing a dark mode for iOS 10 -


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Friday, 17 June 2016

Apple is developing a dark mode for iOS 10

The developer Andrew Wilk discovered hidden in the first beta of iOS Apple 10 confirming that the company is developing a new obscurely resources. Andrew has been active interface in iOS simulator with a simple tweak.

Apple already introduced the night mode for our iOS device is more convenient to use in night hours, but darker user interfaces are friendlier to the eyes and therefore are even more preferable for some users. The implementation of this feature would make a marked improvement if a screen with OLED technology to the smartphone is incorporated as deliver ( "darker blacks") sharper tones.

Unlike LCD screens that Apple currently uses in its models of smartphones and other devices, OLED displays, which are believed to be coming to the iPhone series 8 next year, consume less energy when black images are displayed, the that would mean better battery life when using the dark mode in iOS.

The development of a dark mode for iOS makes more sense if you plan an update of the (OLED) display the next "iPhone 8". At the moment, in the dark so the images shown in action in the messages application.

You can also turn dark mode in other parts of iOS, but is not yet clearly ready for use; some elements are difficult to see when the dark interface is in use, so this would be the most likely reason that has not yet been made public property, plus the company is not allowing developers to easily activate it.

The dark mode may be available later in the betas of iOS 10 or Apple could save it for iPhone iOS 11 and 8.

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