Apple is planning to launch a new line of MacBooks Air and MacBooks Pro -


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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Apple is planning to launch a new line of MacBooks Air and MacBooks Pro

It seems that Apple is set to announce today a new line of MacBook Pro for this month. The implies that the new laptop will type c usb ports and Thunderbolt. Apple is also planning to announce a new "MacBook Air" for this month also probably some "clues" more in the next WWDC are given.

However, the current configuration of the MacBook Air had a minor upgrade this year with the addition of 8 gigabytes of RAM in the 13-inch model. Since the report circulating speaks of a MacBook Air 15 - inch it is possible that the new MacBook Air is the next generation of laptops.

On the other hand, it is expected to line MacBook Pro will have a new ultra slim design, almost similar to the MacBook Air line design.

In addition to a slim chassis and USB type c inputs, the new MacBook Pro would also include identification using Touch ID and an OLED touch screen to replace the row of keys on the traditional keyboard. It is not expected that the new MacBook Pro is released to the market until the fourth quarter of 2016, which would be contrary to the claims of a possible announcement June and August launch.

Although in previous WWDC events have made announcements about hardware, it is expected that this year will be focused on software event. But still it is hoped that the Cupertino company brings something new in relation to the line of MacBooks and iPhones.

The newly announced official news from June 13 this year in the event Apple WWDC, which will start in San Francisco. The annual event for developers big announcements like Siri, iTunes are expected, OS X / Mac OS and iOS 10.

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