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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Apple Launches Provider Create Helmets Lightning Kit for iPhone 7

Cirrus Logic, a provider of Apple, has launched a new Development Kit Helmets MFi (Made For iPhone). It is a reference platform designed specifically to help companies create accessories for Lightning Helmets supposedly the iPhone in July .

The development kit, available through the Apple MFi Program includes a reference design and other resources to help make hearing aids Lightning for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Additionally, Cirrus Logic also plans to launch an iOS app reference.

Helmets and headphones will connect through port Lightning

Very reliable sources say, for many months now that Apple remove the 3.5 mm jack . for connecting the EarPods, helmets, headphones and other third from the port Lightning iPhone in July.

The Lightning connector, so, allow users to use their services audio output, battery charging, and connectivity.

"The Development Kit Helmets MFi demonstrates the advantages of helmets connected by Lightning over other conventional hearing aids. For example, digital connectivity with high performance DAC and headphone driver provides high - fidelity audio to speakers. In addition, the Lightning helmets can interact with an application of iOS to create a more personalized, as with the equalizer settings audio experience. "

Apple introduced new specifications in its MFi Program in June 2014 that, as we have from MacRumors , manufacturadoras companies allowed third parties to create headphones that connect to iOS devices from a Lightning cable, but development has been very slow.

Apple could launch a EarPods Lightning along with the iPhone 7. It is also possible that the device comes with a standard 3.5 mm EarPods. Another rumor says that Apple will launch a Bluetooth (AirPods) EarPods , but we can not confirm until September.

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