Apple make a mistake and wrote macOS instead of OS X in the App Store FAQ -


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Friday, 10 June 2016

Apple make a mistake and wrote macOS instead of OS X in the App Store FAQ

Lately there have been several rumors circulating about OS X, one of them is the possible renaming of OS X to macOS. The peculiarity of this is that the rumor is caused from the same site FAQ Apple App Store.

In the last lines of text FAQ on the App Store appeared imminent name change to OS X "macOS". The change is expected to be made official in the event WWDC next week, but unfortunately, Apple has already updated their FAQ to remove all traces of evidence.

The possible change of name to macOS OS X has been one of the main issues that have been discussed and is expected to finally give these rumors in the inaugural WWDC event. Speculation began in mid-March as part of OS X 10.11.4 code was discovered referred to "macOS".

Since then, the name macOS has also been on the Apple website, and now in his last lines of the App Store FAQ, published earlier this week. Apple already has quickly corrected the error, but they were not fast enough, because its "error" quickly spread by social networks and other digital media (perhaps it was a voluntary error?).

It makes sense to use the name macOS, since follow the logical line of appointment as is done in iOS TVOS and watchOS. While these failures do not confirm anything, the possibility remains latent and makes it very likely that Apple announced this change in the WWDC event.

The inaugural event of the WWDC will begin on June 13 in San Francisco (USA) and will end on 17 March. major announcements such as the transformation of OS X to macOS (by now a rumor), as well as the implementation of Siri on OS X 10.12 is expected.

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