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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Apple Music disappear (again) library files iCloud music

The iCloud music library shows numerous error messages, apart from multimedia files disappear libraries Music Apple users.

One component of Apple Music, iCloud music library, has had a long period of inactivity in the day, causing numerous problems for people trying to play songs and albums.

Many people using iTunes complained via Twitter that appeared to them the message "Unable to connect to iCloud Music Library messages" when they wanted to play a music file. In iOS music application you are driving some users to sign up for Apple Music although already have a subscription or previously have declined the request.

Perhaps the most serious problem is that some people can see how their libraries disappear, although it is not yet clear whether someone has lost music files permanently so.

The iCloud music library has often been one of the most problematic aspects of the service provided by the company Apple Music. Immediately after the launch of the service in 2015, people began to complain about the music library and renombraba erased iCloud content.

Apple plans to make a major change to its services, such as Apple Music, to increase revenue and not rely 100% of technology products they provide.

But the company based in Cupertino, did not start with the right foot as there are many users complaining that they have several problems with the iTunes application and now adds this latest inconvenience caused by Apple Music in which many users can not play your music , let alone see your iCloud music library. since it was completely gone.

Apple has not provided an official response to the situation, although customers have contacted the staff care company.

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