Apple patented "the iPhone of the future" with a translucent screen -


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Monday, 20 June 2016

Apple patented "the iPhone of the future" with a translucent screen

iPhone with a translucent screen and the touch screen with the sides can be a breakthrough in the market for mobile devices.

Apple continues to experiment with electronics and, apparently, is almost ready to launch an iPhone with a translucent screen. The company has already received the corresponding patent application in the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States. Again, california demonstrates the desire of the company to take a new niche in the market for mobile electronics.

No patent number 9367093 is called "Transparent electronic device". The document describes Apple a "method and system for displaying images as transparent screen of an electronic device." According to the intention of the engineers of the company, the screen may be connected to other components of the flexible card device. The transparency of the screen that allows you to combine the image display with real-world objects.

IPhone transparent design is perfect for the use of augmented reality technology, which, according to the intention of the author of the invention, allows us to qualitatively new levels of representation. It is still not very clear, to the extent that is useful in practice, perhaps declared the design is a prototype, will go on sale a model.

When iPhone could go transparent, the information yet. The patent, which drew attention to the use Cnet that is registered in November 2014, issued this week.

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