Apple patented a system for the House Disable iPhone in Concerts -


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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Apple patented a system for the House Disable iPhone in Concerts

Thanks to smartphones, today it is very easy to instantly share our experiences with family and friends. It is possible to make pictures, record videos ... and then share it on social networks or send to friends through messaging apps.

However, during concerts sometimes this practice to record everything that happens goes too far and is annoying to other viewers. If we ask you to imagine a safe concert first thing that comes to your mind it is the scene with your favorite on the group, but what if we ask you to imagine the public of a concert?

Surely you've imagined a large mass of people with hundreds of mobile high recording or taking pictures. And in recent times it is increasingly common to see the most worried record or capture moments of the concert people to enjoy the event itself, which besides also quite annoying for assistants who are just behind.

A system to temporarily block the iPhone's camera

Apple has thought about it and decided to register a new patent for a system that would be able to remotely lock your iPhone camera. Thus, being in a concert and would disable it would not be possible to take pictures or videos of the event.

Also, they take advantage to kill two birds with one stone, since this problem also occurs quite frequently in museums and cinemas. The patent registered by the Patent and Trademark Office US describes the camera detect an infrared signal and interpret their data being temporarily blocked.

Such a signal would be emitted from several strategic points and deshabilitarĂ­an use the camera to take pictures or videos. But Apple would not be responsible to disable the iPhone 's camera, but that would be the organizers of the concert, theaters or museums that would have to install such antennas and activate them when they see fit.

On the other hand, from iDropNews they say that this technology could also be used to transmit other information. For example in tourist areas where people usually take pictures regularly, information that could be of interest to what is capturing your iPhone it will show.

What do you think of this system to block temporarily the iPhone camera at concerts? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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