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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Apple Patents New Augmented Reality and Surround Screen

The company bite the apple continues to fatten its long list of patents with a couple of them more than just grant from the Patent and Trademark United States. Apple just made ​​two new patents for advanced mobile devices, one of which refers to augmented reality and the other to a screen that would engulf the device completely.

Here we talk in more detail about these two new patents, although it is not known if they come to become a reality in the future, they are the most interesting. So we do not entertain us and we will get fully with each of them. Here we go!

A patent on augmented reality not leave anyone indifferent

First we found a patent related to augmented reality recorded under "transparent electronic device". In the description Apple speaks of a device consisting of several touch screens that allow the user to view objects ghosting.

These touchscreens would be integrated into a transparent device, allowing the user to view digitally generated images on top of real - world objects as a three - dimensional illusion. So in some images it would only be necessary to use a portion of the transparent screen, while for other representations would be necessary to use the entire surface.

An iPhone with a screen that completely surrounds the smartphone?

The second patent granted to Apple has been registered under the name of "Electronic device with screen surround." It is showing a smartphone with an air of the most futuristic with a AMOLED flexible display that would engulf the entire device, made ​​entirely of glass and other exotic components.

Apple try to maximize the surface area of screen, and it proposes a transparent glass frame in which a flexible display would be mounted. The remaining components of the device be located in the interior along a central axis.

Surely this patent will never become a reality, but the truth is it would be nice to see an iPhone with a wraparound screen. The possibilities that offer this smartphone could be very interesting.

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