Apple plans to integrate a curved screen in a future model of Apple Watch -


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Friday, 10 June 2016

Apple plans to integrate a curved screen in a future model of Apple Watch

Apple made ​​a patent application this week suggesting that the company is interested in flexible displays, possibly for a future incorporation into the Apple Watch.

The patent refers to an "electronic device conformable" with their respective manufacturing methods, including the use use of LED arrays, chips and other elements. This new patent opens up a world of possibilities for Apple because if you get to do things right, its new patent could rival the LCD and OLED technology.

The patent is based on the micro-low power LED technology, which in future could replace LCD technology, including OLED. To date it has been difficult to build any size panels with micro LED technology, but due to the size of the screen Apple Watch may be possible to implement micro LED panels.

For now Apple have been encouraged to include an OLED screen on your smartwatch, so it would not be unreasonable that within a couple of years we see the Cupertino company include micro LED screens on your smart watch.

In the section of flexibility, the patent has objective of achieving a screen with the "curvature for a bracelet or a watch." This feature could open the possibility of a more ergonomic model clock with a screen that covers most or all of its surface. In the files the possibility of including screens on clothing is also mentioned, but the latter concept would be far from being realized.

Apple intends to introduce a new model of its smart watch this year, although the major improvements will be focused at a speed faster and the ability to start applications autonomously without an iPhone processing.

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