Apple prepares three different iPhone 7 models, one of which will receive two SIM cards -


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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Apple prepares three different iPhone 7 models, one of which will receive two SIM cards

Although the iPhone 7 will present yet not soon, rumors about this product appear on the network with enviable regularity. According to the French portal Nowhereelse, Apple has already launched production of the new generation of smartphones, and, as stated, is not two, but three changes "apple" flagship.

On Sunday, a Chinese supplier of Apple has posted pictures of image reproduction panels of three different 7. iPhone versions of which two have the same diagonal, and the third, noticeably larger. Previous leakage promised output 4.7-inch iPhone 7 and 5.5 inches, the iPhone 7 Plus with dual camera and connector Smart Connector. Now it is two different options for the 4.7-inch iPhone in July.

Two 4.7-inch screen in the photo, owned by the new smartphone from Apple, have several constructive differences. In particular, the insertion in the photo marked orange, it is located on different sides of the screen. Second, one of the screens no missing additional contact at the upper end of the bar.

If the information is confirmed, in September this year, Apple iPhone will show three modification 7. Maybe two with 4.7 and 5.5 inches apply to the top end of the rule, and the third will be the economical option without 3D Touch screen and dual SIM card. Precisely this origin explains the appearance of the image provider double tray. In emerging markets such as India, Brazil and China in the demand for phones, the combination of two SIM cards.

However, it is not possible for two 4.7-inch screen does not apply to different models of iPhone 7 and different prototypes of the same smartphone.

Expressed the hypothesis that one of the iPhone 7 will be OLED, they are unfounded. Apple has really come to the need to use data from the screens of their devices, but it looks like the first iPhone screen organic light emitting diode to be released in 2017. And a number of experts do not exclude that the introduction technology will be postponed until 2018.

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