Apple reports that the decrypted kernel of IOS Beta 10 was deliberate -


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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Apple reports that the decrypted kernel of IOS Beta 10 was deliberate

In yesterday we released the news that the online magazine MIT Technology Review reported that the kernel of IOS 10 beta is unencrypted implying two possible things that Apple made ​​a mistake or did it deliberately.

After a few hours after the news circulated through various media, Apple said why the kernel of the first beta of iOS 10 is undeciphered.

A spokesman for Apple has officially confirmed that the decision to publish iOS 10 with the kernel undeciphered was intentional.

Now, some security experts speculated that leaving the kernel of IOS 10 decrypted would not help, the only thing that would cause would be security risks for users (remember that for now the beta is only available to developers) and will programmers looking security weaknesses in the iOS software.

The Cupertino company also explains why these fears are unfounded, "the kernel cache does not contain any user information, and so decryption are able to optimize operating system performance without compromising security."

As user data and personal information is not stored in the nucleus, they are safe despite the iOS kernel 10 are unencrypted.

The core is the main part of an operating system that manages memory, communicates with peripherals and security controls, hardware and low-level services.

IOS kernel that code 10 is also necessary device drivers and hardware configuration files, but, despite this, does not contain user data. Since the kernel is frequently accessed, no matter what you do on your device, leaving the kernel uncoded would make the later work of encryption iOS 10 is done faster, solving security problems that may be encountered along the way.

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