Apple shows interest in applying micro-LED technology in future products -


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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Apple shows interest in applying micro-LED technology in future products

The patent was filed in November 2015 and would become a continuation of another patent application dating back to April of that year. Named in the patent as Micro Device, the document describes a way to stabilize LEDs and microchips on a carrier substrate where they would be able to be transferred to another substrate more easily. This means that with this new patent would be achieved carry the micro-LED technology in future Apple products.

In detail, the patent refers directly to LuxVue, a company specializing in micro-LED technology that the Cupertino company acquired in 2014. Apple company plans to use this technology in the Apple Watch as it has an energy consumption lower than the current OLED panel that uses the smartwatch
These patents give strength to the rumors that Apple is working on a screen micro-LED for a future version of Apple Watch and could be included from 2017 replacing definitively to OLED displays in smart watches company.

While the rumor of the inclusion of micro-LED technology in future devices becomes increasingly stronger, it is still far from reaching the goal, especially in the estimated time that the Apple watch include screens micro- LED, since no manufacturer today is prepared to re-create because it is a very difficult, apart from the cost and manufacturing time, especially for micro-LED screens significant sizes process.

As mentioned above, the cost is another factor, as even the OLED panels are included in the watch first generation smartwatch are more expensive than panels of conventional LCD, which is why Apple does not expect to use the OLED technology in iPhones until next year, we did see the micro-LED technology used in the Apple Watch recently in 2018?

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