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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Apple Watch 2: Camera, GPS and Water Resistance

Apple is already in the process of development of Apple Watch 2 , the wearable to be presented in early September during the Keynote.

There are many rumors about the Apple Watch 2. It is said that the second generation smartwatch will be 40% thinner than the original wearable and will have slight changes in design.

Moreover, at the hardware level also it possesses some other improvement. The Apple Watch 2 will have water resistance, a GPS and a built -in camera.

New design of Apple Watch 2

First, as we announced previously, the Apple Watch 2 could be between 20% and 40% thinner than the first generation Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch 2 possibly adopt different designs and nobody dismisses Apple to release to the market two or three new models. Of course, Apple will launch a new set of bands with different designs and materials.

Apple hardware news Watch 2

One of the most interesting developments of Apple Watch 2 hardware level is the incorporation of a FaceTime HD can record video and take pictures to share applications watchOS 3 camera.

Apple could sell the new Apple Watch camera as "The ultimate selfie camera", and could be used to scan QR codes, drawing on videos and photos, make video calls, create new fields, etc.

In addition, the Apple Watch 2 could have a Wi-Fi much more powerful to transfer data with more speed sensor.

It is also rumored that the battery will be updated with a longer duration, although it is unlikely.

Software news Apple Watch 2

In the WWDC Apple he introduced a lot of innovations in watchOS 3 , the latest operating system for wearable. But besides the new areas, the Dock, Control Center, and improvements in the Apple apps could prepare other surprises ...

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