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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Apple will include ads on search results in the App Store

Before starting the WWDC event and go around sharing details of what is coming to the App Store.

The vice president of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller App Store, shared some details of the changes that come in the App Store. A controversial change includes placing ads on search results from the App Store.

Apple also will start making announcements between search results of applications in the App Store iOS, so the rumor that had circulated about a month ago, came true. Another change that will join the application center is running apps outstanding once installed, that is, when a recommended app, and will not be promoted by the App Store installed.

With the integration of 3D Touch will have access to a new option to share the App Store applications with others from the home screen.

Perhaps the most positive thing for developers is a change in the revenue-sharing model. Currently, subscription revenue is shared 70/30 between developers and Apple. Now the model changed to 85/15 for a customer subscription active for at least one year.

For the first year of subscription, Apple will maintain its correlative 70/30 revenue; after a year, the new rate will be 85/15 profit sharing applied per subscriber.

Apple has a post News in detailing some of the future changes:
We are introducing interesting new features and tools designed to help grow the business application and interact with new and existing customers in the App Store.

Search ads are an easy and efficient way to promote your application (for developers) directly in the search results the US App Store, helping clients discover or continue your application, respecting their privacy.

Starting this summer, you will be able to participate in the beta search ads and view ads in action.

We are opening the auto renewable subscription to all categories of applications, including games, to increase revenue developer for eligible subscription after a year, providing greater pricing flexibility and more.

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