Apple would include a curved screen on the iPhone 8 -


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Monday, 6 June 2016

Apple would include a curved screen on the iPhone 8

There are rumors suggesting that Apple holds a big update for the eighth version of the iPhone. These rumors come from what was said by the director of technology market research at IHS, Kevin Wang, who hinted that the smartphone will have a curved screen like the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

The curves be found on both sides of the screen, Apple also intends to add a number of features to iOS to take advantage of the new design of the smartphone.

Meanwhile, it is expected that the iPhone 8 using a screen OLED technology for the first time since circulating reports of a large-scale order this style screens by Apple. The Cupertino company already uses OLED technology in its Apple Watch and would not be unreasonable to think that the smart phone next to include it.

Moreover, reports suggest that Apple is looking for ways to eliminate the physical home button on the front of the smartphone. This would allow them to include the curved screen smartphone in the future.

Physical removal of the home button would smartphone thanks to a patent Apple on three different technologies used to scan fingerprints. One of the patents, identified as ultrasound image projection, could be used to recognize the fingerprint behind a screen.

The patent suggests that the projection of ultrasonic image is more accurate than using a separate sensor fingerprint, as the scanners used in touch iPhones identification of the current generation.

In this type of sensor, constituted by two transducers (one for transmit, one for receive) are placed in the x and y axes of a screen and emit ultrasound waves through the glass.

When a finger comes into contact with the glass screen, the sound waves causing the receiving transducers measure the alteration, building an image of the fingerprint on the glass obstacles. This new sensor may eventually allow completely eliminate the physical home button Apple.

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