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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Apple would make discrete changes in the iPhone 7

It seems that Apple is taking its time to make big changes to the iPhone, so much so that it is planned that this year a modest upgrade to the iPhone 7 does, while strong changes will come just for the "iPhone 8" of the year coming.

The Cupertino company will probably take three years to complete changes between your iPhone models, one year more than is customary. It was assumed that within two years to September 2016, would see a major upgrade, but changes in the model to be launched this year will be lower, such as improved quality of camera.

In large part, this is because the functions of the smartphone has little room for major improvements and also to a market downturn.

This information if it becomes true, says rumors that the iPhone 7 have an almost identical to the current iPhone 6 offers lower aesthetic and relatively new.

The forecast for this year new version would be almost identical to the current iPhone 6 in aesthetic terms. camera features and battery capacity are likely to improve, with the latent rumor that the headphone jack is removed.

By the time the Cupertino company also plans to launch an iPhone Plus Enhanced version 7 of the rear camera, with the inclusion of a dual-chamber module and the expansion of storage capacity, among other things.

Several assumptions sketches, renderings and photos that have circulated through the network, suggest that the iPhone 7 will be very similar in appearance to the iPhone 6 and 6s (with almost the same dimensions) followed by a mobile with Crystal Case for "iPhone 8" .

For now, we have to wait until September, when the iPhone is announced in July, to know what new features and brings things remains the same.

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