Apple's two new patents that would improve the sound experience are revealed -


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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Apple's two new patents that would improve the sound experience are revealed

A Apple this week was granted a couple of patents, one of which refers to a waterproof speakers. reference to the potential implementation of technology in headphones is also made. The other patent makes a description of a bone conduction technology that could one day be a feature advanced noise cancellation for EarPods.

US Patent No. 9,363,589 Apple is for a "strong acoustic device to liquids." L invention It requires mesh specialized what body would cover the acoustic speakers and other openings to prevent ingress of liquids.

The acoustic speaker body is provided with a mechanism that prevents the entry of liquids, making it completely airtight. When a liquid comes into contact with the backstop "umbrella", it runs out, reducing the pressure on the mesh thereby lowering the potential damage it.

This technology can be further optimized with the implementation of materials with hydrophilic characteristics. But then it is not known whether the Cupertino company plans to incorporate its technology impermeability in one of its future products.

Although a similar design of this technology has already been implemented successfully in the Apple Watch, the company has not yet made ​​"impermeable" its line of iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone. He had said at first that the iPhone 7 would have some sort of technology resistant to dust and liquids, but subsequent reports have refuted this information.

On the other hand, Apple is was also granted US patent no. 9,363,596 for a "system and method for mixing signals accelerometer and microphone to improve voice quality on a mobile device , " which is based on a headset with bone conduction technology to achieve a more effective filter against noise environmental.

As with patent patent repellent liquid acoustic device, which has Apple's intentions regarding the application of its patent on a headset with bone conduction technology, they are unknown.

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