As of June 13 will implement the App Store subscription model -


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Saturday, 11 June 2016

As of June 13 will implement the App Store subscription model

The new App Store policies that will take effect from next week not only allow any application to offer a subscription, but allow your applications to reach more people through paid advertising.

A few days ago we gave the information that Apple would change its policy of App store for the first time to introduce a format advertising on its platform in conjunction with a subscription model that would be highly favorable for developers.

Applications that are integrated into this business model should have enough "sense" to implement a subscription, Apple said. From the Cupertino company, they indicate that subscriptions should "provide a current value worthwhile to make a recurring payment" to self-renew subscriptions justifiably.

Still do not know how Apple will judge the applications that are viable for a subscription and what not, but is believed to take this measure to protect its users against fraud and possible abuse of the system that could deter people from downloading applications .

The new underwriting policies takes effect from 13 June. To encourage the adoption of new policies, the Cupertino company has also planned to halve its revenue from subscriptions to 15 percent for customers who are signed by at least one year, except for a period of 60 days during the which a person can cancel and resubscribe and the developer will still get a good percentage of profits.

At the moment it is a somewhat controversial, even for users of the App Store extent as they have emerged doubts and complaints regarding the implementation of this new underwriting policy. Not be to wait to see how the "new App Store" works and see if it yields its fruits or ends up being a complete fiasco.

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