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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Best Android App to clean our system

With the passage of time and usage it is very likely to lose fluidity smartphone and see their performance suffered. This is because the proper use and management of applications, but there are some App that can solve this.

Each new application leaves a trace on your smartphone, although the uninstall, a number of junk files remain hidden in the system and slow down, marring the smooth running of your Android device. Although the system automatically manages memory and apps, sometimes it's not fast and efficient enough.

Android users are very likely to install and uninstall many applications, sometimes even without actually use them, but the memory remains of junk files and folders that go unnoticed to the naked eye are. In addition, all applications cache data accumulate remaining internal memory space of the terminal and hindering its smooth operation.

For this there cleaning applications that eliminate background processes and junk files leaving the mobile almost like the first day. In the Google Play store there are several free applications that perform these tasks quickly and so make your smartphone work at full capacity. Here are a list of them:

Many applications store information on our phone that occupies valuable space. Master Clean specializes in cleaning temporary files on Android that are useless and also allows a personalized search to select what you want to erase from our mobile.

In addition, its cooling function allows us to find the application that is causing the device to overheat, which will make our battery last longer.

The antivirus system built into Clean Master scans the system for Trojans, vulnerabilities, viruses and spyware. It also eliminates the personal information of the device, which helps to maintain our privacy.

If you're a gamer, it also helps increase performance in games and applications, freeing the CPU memory (RAM) which in turn helps speed the device and save more battery.

We recommend the best Android App to clean your system Smarthphone


Typically, applications of smartphones tend to use a lot of details of the history of sites visited for purposes of analyzing the user's interests, as some advertising agencies. With History Eraser you can delete the history of your different applications and protect from prying eyes.

With a single click, History Eraser automatically deleted call logs, text messages, browser history, searches on Google, Gmail or YouTube and also all the cache files or data stored on the clipboard.

History Eraser is available for free, but this version contains ads. If you prefer to be free of them, there is also a paid version. Anyway, this will help to release the internal memory of your phone.

Fast, intuitive and very easy to use. This application will solve your space problems if your Android is overflowing. Clean your device and make it work faster.


Manage your phone files with ES File Explorer, a PPP that works similarly to the way you do in Windows. Copy, paste, rename, delete or send your files easily. You can relocate folders as suits you to access the content you use most without having to use a tutorial.

ES File Explorer is a comprehensive program, it can leave files in the cloud, using shared drives, folders and even compress files that require root permissions.

a marvel of cleaning application for Android that will facilitate the work if you are unable to spend much time reviewing directories to find your most wanted data.

Unfortunately this app in recent months has been dedicated to add programs and features that we do not like too much but seems to have decided to backtrack and go back to the beginnings of what was this application.


CCleaner is one of the best applications for your Android phone clean. This application not only lets you get rid of quickly and easily download folders and cache but it also allows you to manage and delete call records and SMS. plus additional features that also make a great app to have on your Android phone.

You can optimize your Android smartphone quickly and uninstall all applications that do not want to release the storage space required to give it full power. All this comes with a neat interface that shows the detail that have had time to develop the app.


Android has many advantages, but also has many aspects to improve. Most Android mobile warn us when internal storage is almost full, but do not tell us how to free up space on Android. Almost all users are set to uninstall applications and delete old to leave some free space photos, but you should really delete files are hidden in the depths of the directories on your device.

In addition, we must be very careful when performing cleaning your Android, since an erroneous deletion can cause serious problems to your mobile phone.

Alternatively, the FileHog app automatically scans the device to give the largest and unnecessary files, and offers a quick and easy system removal use.

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