Buying an iPhone to check what For buying both new and second-hand version in 2016 -


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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Buying an iPhone to check what For buying both new and second-hand version in 2016

To buy an iPhone once things to know when buying an iPhone at the point where I do. This article introduces you Perfect for both buying new or second-hand equipment to be in good condition. I do not mind the cat will get people to buy - sell the team to CydiaPlus collected here.

New! Buy the iPhone at some point?

Buy a new one I want to have new and good is normal if you buy a new iPhone model that will also be called "mobile first" is a iPhone SE, 6s Plus, 6s, 6 Plus, 6 and 5s (very small part. left), we see that the check does.

Check the outside

Initially, we must be in a sealed box, the iPhone does not have any sheep. (However, if the machine is not to be seen because the center can bring new seals) Inspection of the equipment required to complete and in perfect condition. The chassis rear bezel without defect. And must complete assembly No cracks or separation Can be checked by shining the light. If there are cracks of light pass out.

Try shaking The machine must be tightly assembled No time to shake
Buttons must be tight, not loose or pressed too poor. And responsive

Check the internal system

1. Check with the insurance IMEI

If the engine 1 and the box is insured with Apple will not be moved or gone, IMEI or serial number, check-in and behind the box (the two are the same) and check guarantee, visit the website then check the IMEI.

2. Center for Thailand or not see it.

Check also that Thailand is a real need to be a Model TH example Figure 1 Model = MLXQ2TH / A see this and assured me that of course Thailand.

3. Check the signal + SIM card.

Insert the SIM card into the waves in Thailand will be receiving a call and let's design is called Unlocked SIM can be worn with any SIM card worldwide.

4. Scan your finger or Touch ID.

For iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus and SE will come with a fingerprint scanner. The test must add fingerprints anywhere. If the scanner can not be repaired. Must replace only

5. Home button

All models have a button Home (the center button on the screen below) must be tested to see whether or not respond.

6. Power button

Press the Power button or turn off it. Meet or

7. Volume Up and Down

Press + to increase volume and press - not to reduce the sound to an alternate.

8. Turn the ringer (Sleep / Wake).

Button to adjust the ringer is on the left side of the volume keys. If the vibrate mode The machine must twitter Check your settings to shake.

  • Settings> Sounds> Vibrate
  • Settings> Sounds> Vibration.
Try turning off Vibrate on Ring (shorter tones) and Vibrate on Silent (silent vibration time) if the vibrator is considered normal.

9. Speaker (ring tones).

Check sound from below by modifying the test tones. This must be the speaker Check speaker to do so.

  • Settings> Sounds> Ring And Alert.
  • Settings> Sound> ringtones and alert tones.
Try to adjust your view to Youtube music in it as well.

10. Sound Headphones

Test this by making calls through the speaker SIM mobile number and check whether or not to hear it or not. (Do not forget to pull out the plastic cover) and by adding the test calls Facetime voice that is heard or not.

11. Mike

Mike is the test by making a call and use the app to record audio notes. It is recommended to bring along headphones to test this process at all.

12. Calls on the sensor off

The call - out This time we took the ear. The display will be turned off sensor is attached to the camera and then use the method to call off the index finger area. If the display is off, it is through

13. WiFi

Test by going to Settings (Settings)> Wi-Fi> On whether or not you can receive a Wi-Fi signal or not much. The problem is sometimes found that Wi-Fi enabled, will find a little signal. Try the other (if you have to) open the Wi-Fi signal is detected or not it equally.

14. Bluetooth

Bluetooth test by going to Settings (Settings)> Bluetooth (Bluetooth)> On the turn signal, then check to see whether or not any device. (In areas that have a Bluetooth enabled device or devices may be used as a Bluetooth headset to go with it).

15. cameras - the flash and Live Photos.

Try the camera and flash. Long tap to focus the image (tap to focus), try tap the brightest. Or the darkest Images from the camera Normally, the camera will need to adjust the brightness. And focus on areas where tap. Try not to paint distorted pictures zoom - look out.

Test flash rear camera with flash, opening or opening a flashlight.

Test camera flash for iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, SE, as well as 3 now supports Retina Flash.

Test Live Photos taken on the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and SE by enabling the top middle. Try taking the picture and try to see the impressively detailed.

16. Test battery charger.

Remove the charger that came with your computer or with a test rechargeable battery backup. Then see if the battery is increased or not.

17. Connect the computer test

If buying the storefront TrueMove H, AIS, Dtac or iStudio recommends that employees try to connect iPhone to your computer and see if iTunes for the iPhone that is.

18. 3D Touch

Check 3D Touch system will only iPhone 6s, 6s Plus only activate it.

  • Settings> General> Accessibility> 3D Touch.
  • Settings> General> Accessibility> 3D Touch.
Selected to open Then off to the home screen, press and hold the camera icon. If the menu has emerged as the figure below shows that it can work normally.

19. sensor screen rotation

Test Control Center or by rotating the screen controls. (Drag the screen from bottom to top) off the wheel to rotate the screen. (Make it gray)

Then open the app Note (notes), then rotate your iPhone to landscape. If the rotation is considered normal

20. Screen Dead & Bright Pixel.

Test point of the LCD on the way noticed is simple when viewing any color in five colors: black, white, red, green and blue colors that will not show the same color, such as testing a black screen to black out, do not have a point. White up (If white spots appear, called Bright Pixel) or white test ban have appeared black (if black appeared called Dead Pixel).

Test, open Safari, go to the Web via iPhone from rotating the screen horizontally and select the desired color test. Zoom to fill screen and change color over time. Check to see if there is a waste.

21. GPS

Testing GPS system by opening the Maps app on iOS or Maps and tap the current location at the corner slowly. maps-location-icon

To identify coordinates last

Do not forget to turn on Location Service ago.

  • Settings> Privacy> Location Services> On.
  • Settings> Privacy> Location Services> ON.
22. Siri

Testing Siri by pressing the Home button and hold. Try washing it with one sentence and ordered that it be done or not. (Requires Internet to use Siri,) How Siri.

  • Setting> General> Siri
  • Settings> General> Siri.
23. Compass test

Compass Compass app, or open up, then turned to the direction in which we are known. Check that the direction is correct.

24. Test 3G, 4G

SIM supports 3G, 4G (contact the network that we are using the SIM card supports it), then test enabled through cellular turned on.

  • Settings> Cellular> Cellular Data = On> Cellular Data Options> Enable 4G = Data Only.
  • Settings> Cellular> Cellular Data = Open> Options Cellular> Enable 4G> data.
25. Gyroscope

Gyroscope Gyroscope test the apps they use to try to see if the values ​​do not change when you move the unit means that the sensor has a problem, it is not.

Buy second-hand iPhone to see more.

The second selection tool to check your machine will generally similar. Check with the new You will need to check with and what you will need to check further below.

  • IMEI locally and must match the case of some repair and replace the body's own case, the IMEI code is changed, we are cognizant that the repair ago.
  • Find My iPhone or Find My iPhone in iCloud to close and take the unit to check the IMEI shown that status and is closed only to buy them.
  • The operation of the touch screen also works well or not the Assistive Touch (home screen button), then tap and hold and drag them around the screen. If the flow seamlessly display screen that's okay.
  • Check normal humidity, iPhone and iPod are primarily the humidity (LCI), which can be seen from the outside. If the humidity is red. The machine could be blocked by water or moisture across it. Insurance will not soon (Clemson is not even guaranteed to left) to check the humidity iPhone models, see here.
  • All this information is expected to be sufficient to help guide the check when your iPhone or buy second case buy one, then there is a problem within one year can claim the dealer or an AASP can. nationwide's

Article about the iPhone for some time to buy both new and second-hand version in 2016 by a team


  1. One important thing to check while buying second hand iPhone is to verify if the IMEI has been blacklisted. You can use this tool for blacklist check, Visit website.


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