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Monday, 6 June 2016

Change the volume level of your apps on iOS easily with VolumePanel (jailbroken)

If your desire is to control the volume level of your iOS apps in one place and easily VolumePanel is your choice for jailbreak iOS. With this tweak, you have the possibility of establishing a custom volume level for each application installed on your device.

Being able to adjust the volume on a per application could be useful in a number of very specific circumstances.

This application is really useful when we want to set a volume level of our apps independently when using headphones to prevent possible discomfort caused by high volume, among other things.

The tweak allows you to set the volume levels of all applications on the device, whether you've installed from the App Store or even if you installed from Cydia.

VolumePanel can be used in two ways: the first is that you can create an action by Activator that allows you to invoke the interface at any time and the second option is using the button that is added to the left top of the media controls in the iOS Control center.

You can make tap the button VolumePanel to hide and show the volume controls for each application on your device. You can easily change the volume levels of individual applications by pressing and sliding controls. You can even scroll left and right between the buttons to move through all the individual applications that recognizes tweak your device, where you can set the volume levels independently for each of them.

The tweak includes a preference pane that allows you to configure and adjust the tweak to your liking.

Some of the options include tweak:

  • Enable or disable the tweak.
  • Choose the location of the key level switching application volume in the control center.
  • Having the colors of the sliders based on the colors of the application icon.
  • Unify the volume between the speaker and headphones so they stay constant.
  • Show all apps on the interface tweal and not just recently used.
  • Choose an activation method to display the interface independent VolumePanel.

The tweak is downloadable from the repository BigBoss Cydia and costs $ 1.49.

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