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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Enables preview of hosted files in the trash in OS X

Every day we use the Recycle Bin in Mac OS X to delete files with possibility to recover them in the future, or delete them permanently. But there are times when we want to open the content hosted on the paper, but we can no longer appears a pop up box that says "the document 'name' can not be opened because it is in the bin. To use this item, first drag it out of the trash. "

Well, how do we get even a preview of hosted files in the recycle bin ?, fortunately OS X provides a way to perform this task you describe in a few simple steps.

The feature "quick view" is the quick preview feature built into Mac OS X Finder and is accessible by selecting a file or folder and then press the spacebar, or through command + Y.

In this case, to preview a file in the bin, without having to move out of it, you simply have to open the trash as usual, select the file and press the spacebar to preview it.

The preview allows you to check out files without having to drag them out of the recycle bin.

You try to open the file in the Trash on your Mac and see a pop-up box is displayed with the following error message (depending on the language you have set in OS X):

By the way, if you send the file to the trash by mistake, you can reverse the action by the Undo command.

This is a simple trick to get a preview of hosted files on your Mac, quickly, but is particularly useful for use in the files in the Trash to see some content and decide whether to recover them or delete them permanently from your computer.

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