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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Facebook for iPhone and iPad will create Videos on iOS 10

Facebook adapt their services Moments app for users to create and edit videos directly from its official application in an attempt to compete with the new features of the Apple Photos app in iOS 10.

For those who missed the opportunity to follow the WWDC in iPadizate, the Photos app of iOS 10 will bring a new feature called "Memories" using facial recognition and object in order to track people, locations, dates ... to create videos short.

It is not the only novelty of Facebook in recent months. Recall that the application and allows view and share panoramic photos of 360 degrees and also incorporated new Emoji Messenger .

The new utility Facebook will work similarly to the "Memories" from Photos on iOS. The movement is very interesting, because Facebook already had this functionality in your application Moments since August, and now come to the official Facebook app for iPhone and iPad to stand up to Apple.

Facebook combine photos and videos in "slideshows" short

The tool for creating and editing videos Facebook allow users to post their slideshows automatically or manually, by clicking the "Try" button. If you choose to do it automatically, Facebook will select your last 5 photos (or videos) of the last 24 hours.

Images can be edited to add or remove photos, and use themes to customize the videos. Available topics are: Nostalgic, Thankful, Bollywood, Tropical, Birthday, Epic, Night, Holiday and energetic.

Earlier this month June 2016, Facebook forced users to download Moments application if they wanted to synced photo albums uploaded from your mobile devices, and it appears that the app still does not succeed, since its flagship function form now part of the Facebook app.

It happened something similar years ago with Facebook and Messenger, when the company withdrew chat services official application to force users to use the Messenger application. What do you think about it? Do you You will wear the new feature to create videos?

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