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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Facebook introduces the function of panoramic photos on your iOS app

A short time ago that came the new era of "360 degrees" in multimedia implemented both photos and videos with the help of special hardware and software to create a complete view of the field. Now this whole process is much easier to do, at least with Facebook, as through its latest update to the iOS app only need your iPhone default camera application.

"Just take a picture with your phone [...] and then proceed to post it on Facebook as if it were a normal photo. From there, we turn it into an immersive 360 - degree photograph that people can explore, similar to how people experience 360 videos on Facebook ... "

360-degree photographs published in the social network can be identified by the icon of a compass overlay to the right. When the image looks in the iPhone, just turn the phone and look around HAZs tap and drag your finger on the photo.

No need to do anything special to climb. Once you have the panoramic photo on your iPhone, just do tap "Photo" in the Facebook application as you normally would, select the panoramic image and the social network will do the rest.

It is clear that Facebook often makes 'silent' updates iOS app, where no upgrade to the naked eye is not displayed, but features that are somewhat difficult to find so most people realize are added after a time of added features.

On the other hand, Facebook plans to cope with other social networks in terms of streaming live video. At the moment we have Facebook Live that meets this task, and it is expected that an advertising platform is integrated to give profit to both publishers and sponsors.

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