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Friday, 3 June 2016

Facebook Messenger for iPhone is renewed with New Emojis

With the advent of Unicode 9.0, IOS will host 10 new emoji to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, among which the expected emoji paella . But it is not the only place where we see changes in the emoticons and smileys, since the Facebook Messenger app will also incorporate developments in their emoji.

Facebook Messenger completely renewed design emoji chatting, changing the style of all of them and even offering users the possibility to change the skin tone of some emoji.

Apple was one of the pioneering companies in the "revolution of diversity" in the emoji after the launch of iOS 8.3 last year, and Google is planning to do the same in Android N.

Facebook is committed to diversity in its emoji

The Messenger Facebook application not only include a complete set with 6 different skin tones in some of its emoji, but also will also incorporate "a policewoman, a woman running, a woman walking a swimmer and surfer" and arrive more emoji female soon.


The initiative is fabulous and allow everyone to better express their feelings, attitudes and activities more precise and fluid form via Messenger.

Facebook emoji emoji replace iOS

It is important to emphasize, regardless of the platform you use Facebook Messenger (iOS, Android, Windows Phone ...) you can only use (and receive) Emoji Facebook. Thus, Apple Emoji keyboard will disappear from the messaging application of the social network of Mark Zuckerberg.

From what we have seen in the images, emoji Facebook have a much more dynamic than iOS emoji, with shaded paths and more realistic style. Personally, I like most iOS emoji, but those of Facebook are fun! To taste ... the colors. What do you think? What emoji you like best? Is it okay to replace Facebook emoji? I hope in the Comments and in social networks.

Download Facebook Messenger

You can download FREE the Facebook Messenger app from the button below:

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