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Friday, 24 June 2016

First iPhone7 Clone Available in China

Traditionally every generation of iPhone has had its copy or clone. Many Chinese manufacturers thrive in the production of clones and copies of famous brand products, and Apple would not be less.

We are only a few months of the official launch of the iPhone in July , and again in the Chinese market have advanced and have already launched the first clone of the future flagship Apple. Obviously, though treated like a clone of the iPhone 7 must be said that the design of the original may vary because the copy is based on the various rumors emerged in the network throughout these months.

If we look back you will see how several Chinese companies have tried to take a stab at Apple on more than one occasion. Whether for a copy of its latest iPhone, filing lawsuits for violations of nonsense or just trying to block sales of the iPhone in the country.

IPhone 7 has a clone even before being on the market

Well, now they go a step further and have copied a product that does not yet exist in the market: the iPhone 7. In the pictures you can see accompanying this news shown this iPhone clone 7 with a very similar design the network leaked about the alleged iPhone 7 Plus or 7 Pro.

This iPhone clone 7 is made of aluminum rose gold color on its back it appears writing that is designed in Taiwan and made in China. I must say you have taken care to the smallest detail, lines of antennas around the device, dual camera lens, flash round, even bitten apple logo.

Would you buy this clone iPhone 7 or prefer the original Apple smartphone?

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