Foxconn employee has published the photo of the back cover of iPhone 7 with a large portion of the chamber

In the Chinese network Weibo microblogging published a series of images in which allegedly seal the back cover of iPhone 7. Catches made an employee of Foxconn, where the assembly is done smartphones. It is claimed that the piece belongs to Apple option is a device with a screen size of 4.7 inches.

With the outside of the lid it has a lot to do with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. The model characterized the cleanest plastic insertion of antennas, displaced to extremes. At the top you can see larger hole for the camera, as well as the hole for the flash and logo, also made in the form of two cuts. Judging by the shape of the hole for flash, a LED it will be used, and not two, as in the outbreak iPhone SE.

Particularly striking is the large aperture of the lens. This is probably due to the presence of the largest in the camera, there are many rumors. The new фотомодуль on iPhone 7 must further ensure the quality of photography, especially in low light conditions.

Reportedly, Apple has begun contractors installation of new smartphones. In the company he ordered the production of three models of iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro. In the case of 5.5-inch versions of the logo it is a dual camera with two modules, which are different from diaphragm and the presence of the optical image stabilization in a talk and 2-3 optical zoom zoom the camera in the other.

It is also known that the amount of memory on the iPhone 7 will be 32, 64 and 256GB, the other smartphone versions - 32, 128 and 256 gb. The cost of "seven" with memory capacity of 32GB will be $ 795. iPhone 7 Plus with the same amount cost $ 921 unit, and iPhone 7 Pro - $ 1070. The precious iPhone version 7 Pro with a storage capacity of 256GB, can be purchased for $ 1345.
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