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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Get the directions on the app through the 3D maps on your iPhone Touch

The map application for iPhone lets us know the route we should do to our home, workplace, etc from our current location. Not only you can use the map application to get from one place to another in familiar surroundings, but also helps us to explore places you never met.

"Indications" of home and work are offered through Apple maps, and the feature "way" home works well with Google Maps. One thing to keep in mind is that that the characteristic of "indication" of home work, you must have your own personal contact information in iOS, including the home and if you want to know the way to your work, you need to include the address of I work well.

How to get indications from home or work through the 3D Touch on iPhone?

  • From the Home screen smartphone make a 3D touch on the Apple icon maps (you can also make a 3D touch on Google Maps if you prefer)
  • Select "Directions Home" in the selection list (choose "Directions to Work" if you want to go elsewhere)

Below the map application, choose "Start" (Start) to get directions from your current home or work location will open.

This function works basically the same way with Apple maps and Google Maps, it is clear that if you use Google maps may need to enter the address of home and work separately within the application settings for the indications, depending on what information you have put in iOS contacts.

Try this the next time you're somewhere and you need to get home, or if you mistakenly took a wrong way to work and need some simple directions to destination turn.

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