Goodbye, "Slide to unlock": in iOS 10 for unlocking the iPhone uses the Home button

After nine versions of the operating system iOS is time to say goodbye to one of the functions commonly used in the iPhone and iPad. Be prepared to reject the "Slide to unlock" for unlocking your gadget: now it is "Press Home to Open"

In iOS, the Apple 10 fully adapted to the lock screen. The well-known gesture of swiping to the right gave way to a new computer to unlock - press the Home button.

At first, a new way to access a work area of ​​the table seems extraordinary. Each time you release the thumb habit will do svayp to the right, opening a new widget bar. By the way, it may seem that your gadget jailbroken and have Cydia astute TWIC for локскрина. But it is: Apple first use widgets on the lock screen.

These metamorphoses with the "Slide to unlock" is quite understandable: with the proliferation of Touch ID devices more and more users click on the main button on the iPhone, instead of a swipe gesture to the right to unlock. If your smartphone no miracle-key biometric authorization, you are not lucky.

In iOS 10 even if the device is disabled Touch ID gadget is unlocked by pressing the center button. As far usual convenient свайпа screen, time will tell.
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