Google Play will earn less with each application: 85% of the profit will go to developer -


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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Google Play will earn less with each application: 85% of the profit will go to developer

The battle between the two largest applications store in the world is served. Apple and Google have moved tab to offer better terms to developers, who can now stay one cake that generate larger part applications. In the case of Google, the creators can keep up to 85% of profit from Google Play.

So far Google to left with 30% of sales through Play Store, while the creator of the application received 70%. With this movement , which is still unofficially the Mountain View see reduced their loot in half, but it will seek greater commitment from developers with Android, a platform where users are reluctant to pay more than iOS.

Google and Apple improve conditions for developers

This leak comes the same day that Apple announced that developers can also keep 85% of the profits if it comes through a subscription to a service more than one year (for example, a subscription to Netflix or Spotify ). Although the distribution is similar, conditions improve Google apple because the developer would receive 85% of profits in any situation and not only in a long subscription.

Some developers were upset with Apple's policy, which requires that subscriptions applications are also made ​​through the iTunes payment platform, while Google allows developers to manage themselves, staying all profit.

The benefit of Google Play: A caramelito

Among the fragmentation of the system and generates little income Play Store (compared to App Store), Google needed to offer something to encourage developers to continue to invest money and effort in Android and iOS not directly bet - a path followed by many -. Hopefully 15% more revenue is a candy that serves to see more and better apps on Android.

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