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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Have a new musical experience with Proton (Jailbreak)

Thanks to iOS jailbreaking, our devices have the ability to be customized with the addition of new features through tweaks, allowing us to make the most the qualities of our Apple device. Therefore, today we 'll show a discreet alternative of how to interact with music through tweak Proton .

Proton is available in Cydia and offers some functions for music playback and is characterized as a small music player that is accessible from anywhere in the terminal IOS.

Proton is another alternative that will help you to control your music and learn more about what you're listening. A small tweak icon is located anywhere on the screen of your device whether you're in an application or on the home screen.

Proton has two ways of viewing tweak: one where you have a floating icon that contains the disk image of the music you're listening mode (unsnapped), the other is a floating widget (Snapped mode) and thus has the following characteristics:

  • Play and Pause buttons.
  • Forward and reverse buttons.
  • The name of the artist playing.
  • The name of the song.
  • Top / disc art as background.

You can switch between Snapped and unsnapped easy mode simply by pressing and holding the icon floating manner. Tapping once on the mode icon unsnapped will play or pause music.

Proton has configuration options where you can set your preferences to taste. Some of the options available in the preferences panel are:

  • Enable or disable the tweak.
  • See the gestures available in the tweak.
  • Choose how the user interface Proton is colored based on the album art.
  • Setting size for the icon Snapped mode.
  • Having the hidden interface when you're not playing music.
  • Choosing the timeout period before Proton autohide.
  • Make the tweak check for updates automatically.
  • Reset all factory settings.

The tweak is priced at $ 1.99 and can be downloaded through Cydia application.

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