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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

How Dry Wet iPhone with Blue Waterrevive

Have you been wet iPhone? Have you poured some liquid on it accidentally? Have you fallen into the water? Do not worry, your iPhone can still revive. Blue Waterrevive just need a product that can eliminate corrosion caused by water and absorb moisture.

Waterrevive Blue is a repair kit that allows users to completely dry a wet iPhone and / or corroded by water. It is extremely effective, and much cheaper than any other repair solution.

Waterrevive kit consists of an airtight bag and a liquid. It seems ironic truth? Drying a liquid with another liquid ... Well, it works! As if by magic, when in contact with water, dry completely Waterrevive Blue iPhone and after 24 hours, the device will revive and back on smoothly. You do not believe it? Test it!

How to dry your iPhone with the product Waterrevive Blue

Follow the instructions, step by step, to dry your wet iPhone:

1. Turn off the iPhone.

2. Disconnect the charger from the device if necessary.

3. Waterrevive Blue Verte product within the airtight bag that comes in the repair kit.

4. Then enter without fear the iPhone inside the bag with liquid.

5. Leave it in the bag for 7 minutes for the product to take effect.

6. Remove the iPhone off and let sit for 24 hours.

7. Magic! After 24 hours your iPhone again function normally.

Buy Waterrevive Blue

Waterrevive Blue is available for € 34.99. After the online purchase, you will receive the product after 24 hours. If you enter the code Difoosion save 5 € and for one month, ye shall abide first in line shipments. We provide the purchase link below from the button below:

Buy | € 34.99
Yes, maybe rice can be a quick and inexpensive solution, but Waterrevive Blue is much more effective, because its chemical formula completely removes moisture and corrosion caused by water inside the mobile. This mysterious and magical liquid is the ideal solution to your problems.

Not only do we strongly recommend using this product if your iPhone gets wet, but we encourage you to buy before any accident occurs, in order to have a repair kit always on hand if your smartphone has a problem related to any liquid.

The product has no expiration date. Moreover, last but not least, Waterrevive Blue is compatible with any model and any brand. You will be able to use it with a limit of up to 10 days after the wet terminal!

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