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Sunday, 12 June 2016

How Online Companies collect and use our data

Think of the vast amount of data you request on the Internet: see the traffic, view weather information, buy products online, read news, or blogs as iPadizate visit.

The big companies take advantage of this type of data, believe it or not, in order to improve their services and offer more personalized products to each consumer.

Have you ever ever wondered how they do it? Would you like to know how to collect data about your online shopping habits?

1. Web Activity

The online companies can track cookies of users (automatically and anonymously) when you visit its website, from here, monitor your browsing: the time you've been on the web, what links you clicked, which purchases you made ...

2. Feedback

Some companies take advantage of forms, reviews, and comments in order to get feedback from consumers. If reward this feedback at a discount or a coupon for your next visit, already have a business model to improve their products and services.

3. Apps

The applications provide an ideal businesses to collect and track data on users ' preferences form. For example, tracking data in the Health app allows Apple iPhone understand your lifestyle and develop products that help you improve your habits.

4. Social Networking

Collect data from consumers through social networks is as easy as creating a Twitter account or a Facebook page. Each time you comment, you give like, or give retweet a content will help the company to determine what who want their consumers.

Is it all right strategy collecting consumer data employing companies and online businesses? Do you think it is an invasion of your privacy? Or rather, do you think it's better this technique in order to improve products?

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