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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

How to access email from anywhere

Did you know that you have the ability to access your email account from anywhere ?. If not, you can access your iCloud mail account from anywhere where you can read, write, forward and save drafts of any iCloud mail, and everything is done through the web. The nice thing about this approach is that it allows the user to check and use email without a Mac, iPhone or iPad.

How to access iCloud email from anywhere on any device via Web:

From any modern web browser, go to iCloud and sign in with the Apple ID / iCloud Mail

Click the "Mail" icon once you've logged in you.

ICloud mail loaded and gives you full access to the account, including inbox, drafts, sent, files, trash, spam, VIP lists and other mail folders.

The web mail client iCloud is complete, since you can send, reply, forward, send them away, archive and compose new emails directly from the web mail service

Because iCloud Mail connects to your Apple ID, even you have full access to your address book and contact list, with autocomplete and everything.

This is really useful for many reasons, especially if you're away from your Mac or iOS devices and yet still want to check your mail from iCloud. But it is also very useful because it is the only way to check email iCloud from a PC, either if that PC is running Windows or Linux or another operating system. website is very comprehensive, with full access to email, contacts, notes, reminders, calendar, photos and other documents iCloud seguardan inthe account.

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