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Friday, 17 June 2016

How to Close All Tabs in Safari

The arrival of IOS 10 has introduced a lot of innovations in iPhone and iPad: Messages , Notifications , Siri , Quicktype ... and have also been included improvements in Safari!

First, with 10 iOS application Safari web browsing functionality allow us to use the View Split multitasking order to be able to interact with two websites at the same time on the iPad.

Second, a new trick of iOS 10 allow users to close all tabs in Safari much more convenient, fast, accurate and effective.

IOS 10 is possible to open an unlimited number of tabs in Safari

This is, in iOS 10 users will be able to open as many tabs as they wish, and Apple has introduced a small option to close them all in one fell swoop.

This new feature has reminded us to another of the improvements implemented in the iOS Notification Center 10, which now provides a feature to clean or remove all notifications using 3D Touch.

Returning to the issue at hand, to close all open Safari tabs need to hold the finger on the button tab (upper right corner) and select the "Close X tabs" option.

The guys at 9to5Mac have posted a video tutorial iOS 10 showing this new option, so if you installed the beta version of this new mobile operating system from Apple we encourage you to try this fabulous novelty.

Additionally, you can also access this option from the menu interface tabs in Safari, this time holding down the "Done" button in the upper left corner.

Surely Jailbreak users will be happy with this and other tricks of IOS 10 for iPhone and iPad. In fact, several tweaks in Cydia able to close all tabs in Safari on iOS 8 and iOS have appeared 9. Will there be inspired Jailbreak Apple? It would not be the first time!

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