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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

How to create your own iPhone 7 Video - Humor

The official launch of the Apple iPhone 7 still not be made ​​until September Keynote, but if you can not wait, you can always create your own iPhone 7 ...

All you need is two iPhone 6s, a little ingenuity, and some other tool ...

A man has posted on YouTube a video showing how it has managed to turn an iPhone 6s on an iPhone in July. Want to see how he did it?

How to turn your iPhone 6s on an iPhone 7

It has incorporated a dual chamber, has removed the 3.5 mm jack, it has redesigned the style of the band antenna, and has even given a layer of blue!

As you can see in the video, obviously it's not an iPhone 7 as such. The fact that it has a dual camera, does not mean that work properly. While it is acknowledging that the design is quite similar to that indicated by the rumors.

Bands iPhone antenna 7 is positioned in the upper and lower edges, and could come in a color model darker gray space , although the video a dark blue pretty cool shows.

This video has been posted to give a touch of humor to the expected launch of the iPhone 7, although we understand that there will be many users who have not made ​​them very funny smashing two iPhone 6s to earn some subscribers on YouTube ... What do you think about the video ? Do you think that will be the final design of the iPhone 7?

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