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Friday, 10 June 2016

How to delete user accounts on a Mac

There are times when sometimes we need to delete a user account, you have several created in our Mac either for general cleaning, removing an old account that no longer used, etc. in OS X.

In the next tutorial, we'll show how to delete any user account, either a manager or a standard. Note that if you delete a user account on your Mac, not only quitarías the ability to log on again with the profile in question, but also hosted files deleted in the same, so here be careful when proceeding and that this procedure is irreversible and it is recommended to back up your files before deleting the account.

How to delete user accounts on a Mac:

  • Go to the main menu and select "System Preferences"
  • Choose "Groups & Users" preferences panel.
  • Click the lock icon in the lower left corner to authenticate as an administrator.
  • Now select the user account you want to delete the Mac.
  • Click on the minus (-) button or press the "delete" key with the user account you want to delete.

  • see three options by eliminating the Mac user account, choose the one you feel appropriate:
  • Delete user account, but save your home folder in a disk image
  • Delete user account but keep the user home folder in / Users
  • Delete user account and delete the startup folder (this other than to remove the account, deletes all files contained therein).

Check the appropriate box and click "Delete User" to completely remove the user account Mac OS X.

The deletion of the account is permanent, so be careful what option you choose, but you always have the possibility to create another user account, if the situation warrants.

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