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Monday, 27 June 2016

How to diagnose hardware problems on a Mac

One of the best ways to determine if your Mac has a hardware problem is to run the diagnostics Apple. When users on a Mac experience a series of hardware problems such as a failure of the disk drive, memory problems, a problem of the GPU, the motherboard, or other problems, one of the final options to identify them is through Apple hardware test.

The good news is that the hardware test can check for hardware problems on effect on the Mac.

Note that the hardware test runs on Macs built in 2013 and earlier, while the newer models of Apple Mac diagnosis is run instead of the other.

How to run the Apple Hardware Test to diagnose hardware problems on a Mac:

  • Disconnect all peripheral devices from the computer.
  • Turn on your Mac and the time when the display changes from black to gray, hold down the "D" key
  • Hold down the "D" key until you see a progress bar. If you are starting the Apple Hardware Test, you will see a pixelated logo, if the Mac is booting up in diagnostic mode Apple will see a simple progress bar or language selection screen.
  • If you are in the "Apple Hardware Test" mode, check the "Perform extended testing" (Perform extended testing) and then click on the "Test" button
  • In case it is in "Apple diagnosis" mode, let the process "Checking your Mac" (Checking your Mac) to run and complete.

If an error is found in the hardware diagnostic tool, this indicates that there is a problem with any hardware in your computer. If no errors are found, your Mac hardware is good and experienced problem would almost certainly related software.

If the hardware diagnostics determine there is a problem and reports an error, you must write the error code and any additional details so you can learn more about the problem. Taking note of the error code, also it helps to provide information to an advisory official Apple support or repair center certified by the company.

For a Mac that ran the diagnostics mode Apple is a list of error codes exclusive to this mode, while error codes thrown during testing Apple hardware are a bit more explanatory and can be searched on the web to determine a potential match.

The following example shows that the Apple Hardware Test SATA report a problem with error code "4HDD 11/40000000: SATA (0,0)", in this case, this means that the hard drive has failed.

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