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Saturday, 25 June 2016

How to disable the lateral slider Multitasking on the iPad

hile the side of a multi-tasking on the iPad slider bar is one of the most convenient for users of the tablet features, there are times when you access this feature inadvertently visibility of other elements is difficult. This particularly happens with any application when done frequently action slide from right to left, either to make a certain gesture, drawing, page through or during a game.

If you accidentally enter often in the "Slide Over" mode on the iPad, or maybe just do not like for some other reason the function to display a sidebar multitask, you can completely disable it and avoid showing.

How to disable the slider multitasking feature in iOS for iPad:

  • Open the "Settings" app on the iPad and go to the "General" section
  • Choose "Multitasking"
  • Where it says "Allow multiple applications" takes the switch to the OFF position.

Exit the setup application by clicking on the start button.

Taking Off switch "Allow multiple applications," no longer have access to the side slide bar multitasking, no matter how many times you do swiping action on your tablet.

Remember that this action totally prevents Slide Over and Split Screen (split screen) modes, as they are completely disabled.

Over reactivating the Slide mode on the iPad:

If you disable the Slide Over on your tablet mode, you can always re-enable it again in a few moments. To activate the lateral slide bar multitask on the iPad, returns to Settings, go to General and finally sees Multitasking to toggle the switch and activate the function where it says "Allow multiple applications."

Finally, leave the configuration as usual and then make the swipe gesture to redisplay the sidebar multitask.

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