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Friday, 17 June 2016

How to Downgrade iOS 10 Beta to iOS 9

Under certain circumstances, an iPhone or iPad user can not install versions of iOS that Apple has stopped signing, however, should be tested / installed iOS 10 can return to an available version of iOS 9

The fact is that Apple has never allowed you to restore, update, or be downgraded to versions that are no longer signed, if having tested iOS 10 and not be satisfied with the first Beta version, it is best to make a downgrade or downgrade to iOS 9 which is more stable

In THIS ARTICLE we had taught as iOS could try 10 without being a developer, since the final version will be available in autumn to the public after correct errors and add more features and enhancements to that version.

Based on the above, it must follow exactly the steps shown in the video mentioned below:

  • Download and install iTunes on our PC
  • Download the version of iOS 9 wish to install (simpre and when Apple continue signing this version) HERE
  • Disable Find My iPhone / iPod / iPad
  • Open iTunes and connect the device with iOS 10
  • Holding down the Shift key (if you have Windows) or Alt (if you have Mac OS) pressed the reset button
  • Select the version of IOS 9 which we have previously downloaded
  • We wait until the end resturación

It should be noted that all the information we have, should have made a backup on iOS 9 can restore such copy is lost, since backups in iOS 10 non can restore the copy in iOS 9

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