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Monday, 6 June 2016

How to Fix the Error Limit Accounts iCloud

Most users of iPhone and iPad use the same Apple ID and the same iCloud account repeatedly in the same device and through other devices, as it should be, because that is the way they are designed to work and be synchronized with each other. But we know how easy it is to buy an iPhone, iPad or iPod on the second hand market and can happen to discover that have been used and created different accounts or Apple iCloud from the same device.

If that is so and we are trying to create or add an account to the device, we could find ourselves with an error message. This message will inform that the device you are trying to use is "no longer eligible" to create or add a new account.

Error messages say can say the following: "You have reached the maximum number of free accounts activated on this iPhone" and "This device no longer meets the conditions to create a free iCloud account." If you see a message "Account Limit reached" or "the device is no longer eligible" when trying to configure an iOS device, or when you try to create an account on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in today we bring you a quick and easy solution.

How to remove accounts limit error and create a new

First of all we must ensure that the iOS device is no longer associated with the account of the previous owners. The easiest way is clear that the previous owner "Find My iPhone" on the device by closing its session from iCloud settings. If the person is not around to do that, they can also remove iCloud and blocking remote activation by using the website Having done that and having eliminated the previous iCloud account from iOS, we can proceed to the creation of a new, as long as there is no more Apple ID associated with the device.

This process can be started on any device or computer through any web browser. In addition, we need to clarify that it is necessary to have the iOS device with us.

  • Open a web browser on another device (or Safari on the device in question) and go to the page to create a new Apple ID.
  • Now we have to follow the process of creating a new Apple ID and iCloud account as usual. To do this we must use an email account that is not associated with an Apple account.
  • Once done just have to go back to iOS device, go into Settings; iCloud; and enter the Apple ID you just created to log into the device.

This is a fairly rare situation found in most current devices, but it seems that can become quite common in older iPhone models that have been resold or given away, especially in families or in the second - hand market. So if you find yourself in this situation you do not worry because following these steps you can fix it quickly.

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