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Monday, 6 June 2016

How to hide certain information on your Apple Watch

One of the features of Apple Watch are Glances, a kind of tabs that display summaries to quickly see information that often queries without having to resort to the application. The Watch includes a number of default Glances, including a battery monitor, heart rate, timing or maps, among others, but you may not want to see all that information.

Today CP re going to teach hide certain information shown in these Glimpses of Apple Watch, it is that some of these can be of great use, while others not so much. Many third - party applications have their corresponding tab at the Glimpses section and many end up taking unnecessary space in this.

Here we tell you how you can hide or disable these Glimpses you do not want to see on your Apple Watch very easily and quickly. Here we go!

Hides or disables some Glimpses of Apple Watch

The first thing you have to do to hide unnecessary Glimpses of your Apple Watch is to go to the clock application on the iPhone with which you have paired, go to "My watch" and select "Glances". Once here you just have to go by clicking on the red button that appears to the left of the look you want to hide and move on to the list below.

You can also add other you have hidden and also change the order in which they appear in the Apple Watch. To change the order just click on the icon of the three horizontal stripes to the right of the Look and place it in the position you like. That easy!

Once finished just exit the application and go to the Apple Watch and see how changes have occurred. Yes, you should know that those who come fitted as standard on the Apple Watch can not be hidden, but what you can do is place them in a place where you are less annoying when Glimpses consult.

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