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Friday, 10 June 2016

How to Hide the Lower Dock without Jailbreak iOS

Would you like to have a cleaner home screen without having a highlighted area at the bottom where the dock is located ?. In this area you can put multiple applications or even a folder, which remain fixed and are available to you no matter what page of the Home screen where you are.

Today iOS offers no option to hide the bottom dock the iPhone. However, now if you want you can hide it , or rather hide, without jailbreak thanks to this simple trick.

This trick then we'll advantage from a bug related to the wallpaper that affects all iOS versions 9.3, even as some older firmwares iOS 9.1. So if you want to know how to get it just keep reading. Here we go!

Hides the lower dock in iOS without jailbreak

The first thing you have to do is click on this link to get the wallpaper you need to get hide the dock in iOS. Then hold your finger down on the wallpaper and click "Save Image".

Now you have saved the wallpaper, so just go to the Photos app, select the image and click on the action button. Select the "use as wallpaper" option, click "Set" and select the option home screen.

Ready! When you return to the home screen you will see the dock apparently should have disappeared, leaving a much cleaner interface. We say apparently because the dock is still there, although it is much more hidden with this wallpaper.

To retrieve the dock just change the wallpaper on the other. Finally, remember that this trick is made ​​possible by a bug present in some versions of iOS, so it is likely that within a time longer available because Apple or will be removed in future releases.

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