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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

How to Make an iPhone 7 (homemade video)

In the middle waiting for the official launch of the iPhone 7 together with iOS 10 they are circulating many rumors, especially for the new generation of smartphones, because they do not have confirmed details officially and information on the network, in part, it is based on assumptions and speculation.

The grand opening of the iPhone 7 is a couple of months, but if you really can not wait to get your hands on an iPhone with a dual lens camera, it is time to get down to work because it is really very easy to make the Apple smartphone next generation.

All you need is to acquire two units of iPhone 6s, some household tools and everyday, incredible creativity to disassemble things, time and a little attention to detail to create your own version of what will likely be updating iPhone more absurd that you have acquired.

This video should be called how to ruin two functional iPhones, just to build another unusable. Although the message that gives this video is more than clear because it directly attacks the rumors that have been circulating about the iPhone 7, no longer a little funny, but in turn gives it to see the final destination of the smartphones used in the video.

The video just has a little more than two minutes and at the beginning shows a iPhone 7 "homemade" colored "deep blue". elements to use and steps to build the iPhone with twin lens camera is then shown. To do so they need two iPhones 6s, a couple of tools, tin, masking tape and spray paint to give the tone "deep blue" from which much has been said amid rumors since last week.

Therefore we invite you to watch the video and jump to conclusions on your own.

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