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Monday, 27 June 2016

How to Restore Your iPhone Jailbreak Undefeated

If you want to give a drastic cleaning your device but this has again Jailbreak and do not want to have to make, your problems will be solved with this article. You can do a restore of your iPhone that has a version of IOS between the 5.0 and 9.1 (both included).

If you have files poor facilities, tweaks out of date, and bytes general rubbish that you have accumulated over time on your iPhone, really you want to take them off off to your iPhone again look like the first day you did to him Jailbreak. Yes, you'll never lose your hacking apple device.

Two tools that come to save


Launched by Coolstar, the developer behind tweaks as ClassicLockScreen among others, Semi-Restore makes the process of removing the Jailbreak even easier. The device will remain in the same version of iOS and not lose the jailbreak.

When using Semi-Restore, apply the following:

Delete all user data

Uninstall all tweaks

Activation fix problems, iMessage and SafeMode

Cydia reinstalls

Using Semi-Restore

On your iOS device, go to Cydia and install OpenSSH

Connect your device to your computer (do not do anything more for now). Visit the official website of Semi-Restore and download the software. Possibly you need to download .NET 4.5.2 (so you remove the "MSVCP100.dll" error)

Check your version of iTunes, if greater than the need to downgrade 12.0.1 to avoid problems.

Now open Semi-Restore and waits to detect your iPhone. When this happens, the reset button will become visible, click on it.

Be patient, this will take some time on your device will reboot several times.

It is important not touch anything during the execution of the restoration process. The program should warn you when you finish the restoration. When finished, you can set it as a new device or a backup using iTunes.

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