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Sunday, 5 June 2016

How to Send Mails to Groups Contacts on iPhone and iPad

If you ever need to send an email to many people at once from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, obviously you can always write all your email addresses, but there is a much more practical, convenient and accurate solution ...

Whether because you're working on a project with your colleagues, because you want to send images to your group WhatsApp, or because you want to send a document to your employees, you can use the groups in the Mail app in iOS to accelerate the process.

Here we show how to send emails to groups of people in your iPhone and your iPad, a simple tutorial that will avoid many headaches.

How to send emails to groups in iOS

Formerly, create a group of contacts in iOS to send emails was as easy as a breeze, but for some mysterious reason Apple withdrew this option. However, thanks to this trick we can do it again, follow these steps to send an email to groups of people:

1. Open the App Store and search for the app Simpler Contacts, or simply download the application from the widget below:

2. Once downloaded, open the application.

3. Click on the "Groups" option.

4. Click the plus sign (+).

5. Then enter the name of the group.

6. Make tap on the "Next" button.

7. Select the contacts you want to add to the group.

8. Click on Save.

9. Then, open the Mail application.

10. Click on the button in the upper right corner to send a new email.

11. Click on the "+" option.

12. Select the group you want to send email.

It is true that there is a lot of applications to create groups and send emails to groups in the Apple App Store. Without going any further, you can choose the apps Connect Contact Manager, ZXContacts or aContacts, however, the application of which I have spoken today is very easy to use and also is free. But also it offers a Pro version for 4.99 €.

Did you find this tutorial been helpful? Why you need to send emails to contact groups?

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