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Saturday, 18 June 2016

iMessage not come to Android finally in iOS 10

Sorry for all users of Android , but ... No iMessage for you. One of the most notorious rumors about iOS Messages app 10 indicated that the platform would receive support Android, but finally did not happen.

Android fans have been hoping that Apple made ​​the release of messages in Android will not have the blue chat snacks in the near future, as we have confirmed (or denied) Apple executives at WWDC.

But why Apple will not introduce iMessage Android? Want to know the reasons? Keep reading!

Exclusivity brings benefits

The Cupertino company has shown throughout this week several reasons why iMessage best stays where it is, without coming to Android.

Walt Mossberg, a specialized Apple news reporter, has investigated the issue during the WWDC and obtained two very interesting answers, and reasonable, why Android users will not have iMessage.


First, Apple believes that its large database of more than 1,000 million active devices provide sufficient learning artificial intelligence in which the company is working data.

Second, have a superior instant messaging application that is only available on Apple devices will help improve sales of such devices. Exclusivity, a strategy that Apple has used for years.

Apple has launched several applications on Android

On the other hand, it is curious as Apple does offer other applications on Android when it suits them. Last year Apple Music landed on Android , and also an application called Move to iOS that helps users migrate from one operating system to another.

New features in iOS iMessage 10

During the # WWDC16 Apple introduced an awful lot of new features incorporated in iOS Messages 10 Here we show a list of new features.:

  • Enriched links.
  • Emojis giants.
  • Emoji prediction.
  • Tapback.
  • Stickers.
  • Effects animated chat.
  • Digital Touch.
  • Camera preview.
  • Integration with the App Store.

Would you have liked the Messages application had support Android? What is new in iOS Posts 10 ha like you more interesting? To us integration with the App Store! This feature means that many applications that send messages to allow all kinds of data, transactions, GIFs, Stickers, and much more appear! In addition, we had years waiting links enriched (with thumbnails) Messages. At last! 😀

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