incorporates iOS10 widgets on the lock screen and other new features -


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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

incorporates iOS10 widgets on the lock screen and other new features

With the newly launched event WWDC 2016 and go around revealing the new features of the operating system for mobile devices. IOS 10 introduces a new aesthetic appearance with new features and enhancements such as a lock screen redesigned, more elaborate notifications, quick interaction with applications and expanding the capabilities of 3D Touch.

Now, the lock screen iOS 10 has widgets like calendar, working with 3D Touch apart you have the ability to access the app camera from the same lock screen just by sliding your finger to the right. Moreover, the notification center has a new look.

10 shows iOS new features of interaction with apps, so much so that when a 3D touch becomes an icon of an application, a widget that provides summary information is displayed, in addition to traditional IOS commands 9.

In addition, a demo event shows that these widgets on the home screen can even play live video.

On the other hand iOS 10 has a utilization and deeper integration of Siri, giving users the ability to interact with third - party applications, thanks to its new API. The voice assistant now supports payment applications and applications for VoIP calls. Siri will be especially useful with carplay because you can send messages across a variety of applications.

The personal assistant has been improved so that you can now make intelligent suggestions, for example, if someone writes the message "Where are you?" The voice assistant can offer the ability to automatically send your current location.

Siri can also provide your contact information, calendar of events and more.

Among other developments that stand out, you can see the redesign of the app Apple maps and Apple Music.
iOS 10 beta is available today for developers. A public beta will be released in July, with a final release later in September.

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