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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Installing Apps not approved by Apple without Jailbreak

Apple carefully guards the content of the App Store, selecting from thousands of apps the most suitable - according to the company - for our devices. In order to achieve those applications that the company leaves out of his platform he has always been there Jailbreak to make this task easier, however, many users are not so convinced to carry out the process of Jailbreak.

So in iPadizate we bring you a tutorial so you can install those apps that Apple has not "authorized" in the Apple Store but you if you want to use. You simply need to :

a Mac
An Apple ID
Apple device

How to use Xcode to install unauthorized applications

This method will we use an application made for devices with Jailbreak Xcode, and then export a file that will work in our device without Jailbreak. Depending on the application, this method will make the app work or not work correctly in our device.

Step One: Install Xcode

First of all you need to install Xcode and register it with your Apple ID.

After installing Open it and click on Xcode> Preferences, then click the "+" button on the panel of Auditors. Enter your data and your account will become a free Apple developer.

Step Two: Configure your project

Now you need to configure your project, so you will need to import your application into it.

  1. Download the DEB file your application
  2. Open Xcode and select "Create new Xcode project", then select Single View Application and click Next.
  3. In the product name field type the name of the application.
  4. In the field of organization identifier type something like "com.tunombre.nombredelaapp".

  1. Make sure that Swift is set to your language and iOS version is set under "Development Goal".
  2. Once you've finished, you'll see an exclamation point - do not worry - and a note complaining about the profiles provided Click "Fix Problem"..
  3. Sign in with your Apple ID if necessary.
  4. From the drop - down menu choose your development team - usually just your name.
  5. Step Three: register your code

For some applications the simplest way of putting it within our device Apple is get your version Jailbreak and then recompiling. This requires extra software.

  • Download App Signer . This open source software lets you convert a file into an IPA DEB file, so Xcode can install. In addition it registered under the name of your development team created with your Apple ID.
  • Unzip and open Signer App.
  • Click on the search button and select the downloaded DEB that your application file.

  • In the Certificate Signing tab select your development team.
  • In supply profile, click on the drop - down menu and select your application (com.tunombre.nombredelaapp).
  • Click on the Start button, select a name export and waits for App Signer do its job.

Step Four: Install the application

  • Xcode again click on Window> Devices.
  • In the window that will open select your iOS device from the left sidebar, then click on the "+" button under Installed Applications.
  • Select the file you just created and click open.

Step 5: Accept yourself on your own device

Finally, the first time you do this you must accept yourself as a developer on your iOS device, you just have to do it the first time.

  • Go to Settings> General> Profiles and Device Management.
  • Find your Apple ID and select Trust.

We leave the download link of an app

If you want to try this process with any application, here we leave you a link to download the DEB file of the app Kodi. We remind you that this procedure does not work properly with all unauthorized applications, some come to have a malfunction in our devices as WinterBoard.

But of course, that also depends on the intrusion that these make on our iPhone software. WinterBoard personalize the most of our Home screen, something that without Jailbreak iOS device will not accept easily.

However, any application that is not customization has - almost - perfect operation ensured in our device without Jailbreak.

What are you waiting for ? Download the file DEB your favorite application to the App Store does not allow you to install and make the most of your iPhone or iPad without having to resort to Jailbreak.

Did you take this process? Have you had any problems in its implementation? Tell us your experience in comments!

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