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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Integra Telegram Erasers, picture-in-picture and More on iPhone and iPad

One of the latest updates Telegram included support for 3D Touch, instant access to the camera and preview for photos and videos , among other things. Now, the instant messaging service has received a new update to version 3.10 which included a number of exciting new features.

Telegram still working hard to meet and get dethrone WhatsApp as instant messaging most used in the world. Thus, the new version 3.10 of Telegram for iOS gives a step further and includes news related to YouTube or Vimeo videos in group chats and also in the individual.

So if you want to know everything new that brings the new version of Telegram for iPhone and iPad you just have to keep reading, because then we reveal all these features. Here we go!

What's New in 3.10 Telegram for iPhone and iPad

First, Telegram now has a function of drafts in the cloud that synchronizes unsent on all your devices messages, which are visible in the chat list, so you know if you left a message half in conversation. If you are looking above in a conversation and receive new messages a small arrow in the right corner with the number of new messages you have unread will appear, and if you click on it will take you directly to them.

On the other hand, Telegram has a feature called Picture-in-Picture, which reduces the size of a video from YouTube or Vimeo. This way you can keep watching or listening while doing other things Telegram, as catch up with chat messages.

In addition, in version 3.10 of Telegram has added a feature that allows the user to use multiple profile pictures in the chat group. On the other hand, to play the content of an integrated bot will show a preview before being sent, something that is appreciated.

Telegram download on your iOS device

Remember that Telegram is compatible with both iPhone as the iPad, plus you can have it installed and used on both devices simultaneously. Your download is free and you can find it in the App Store or by clicking on this link.

And you, are you more of Telegram or WhatsApp? What do you think of the new features included in the latest update of Telegram?

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